Redefining Brands Through Our Design Solutions

At GUTJAHR, we add-value to your brand through the full spectrum of design solutions which will help clients build better brand aesthetics that aspires to deliver a positive and consistent experience.

The Creative Process


  • Design Concepts
  • Brand Design (CD)/Rebranding
  • Corporate Design
  • UX-Design/ Web-Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Video & Photo Concepts
  • Illustration


  • Front-End Development
  • CMS Implementation
  • Videography/Photography
  • Copy Writing
  • Production Planning/Handling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Post-Production

Creative Concepting

Finding the sweet spot between Emotion and Logic to capture stakeholders attention. 

Branding & Identity

Communicating your Brand’s essential message and goals through timeless designs 

Creative Web Development

Customisation of responsive websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and supported by analytics 

Event Design

The right design and execution elevates brand experiences, creating deeper and long-lasting relationships with attendees

Videography & Photography

Bringing out the best in your Brand and its activities through authentic photography and videography.

Product Design

From Digital to Physical Products, we create designs that bring great experiences both offline and online.

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