We love what we do and we love to be challenged.

What do we offer?

Let your business grow with the sales support from GUTJAHR. Improving your sales process and funnel, with targeting the proper segments – that’s what we will do.

  • Leads
    Take-over of specific leads or lead generation from GJS Lead Generation campaigns
  • Joint Planning
    Joint planning and sales process definition with you
  • Sales Funnel
    Creation, development and maintenance of your sales funnel
  • Target Customers
    identification of target customers & priorization of sales activities
  • Sales Management
    Effective and agile sales management for you
  • Sales Campaigns
    planning and execution of sales campaigns (outreach, appointment booking, product/ solution presentation, preparation of commercial offers)
  • Networking
    customer interaction and relationship management (mail, phone, meetings)
  • Sales Tools
    Advanced sales tools & automations for follow-ups
  • Support
    Supervision of the leads throughout the whole pre-sales phase
  • Negotiation
    Commercial negotiations & contract negotiations/conclusions
  • Concept and tender preparation
  • Growth
    efficient increase of sales results with our knowhow and processes
  • Outsourcing
    optimal cost-benefit ratio in comparison to an in-house sales team

How do we work?

  • Initial Meeting
    Informal initial meetings to get to know each other and determine what you need
  • Getting Started
    We agree on the extent of the sales activities and start with a financial review as well as a definition of your goals
  • Sales Strategy
    We suggest a sales process and its stages/phases for the most efficient management of the leads and contacts
  • Lead Management
    we generate, structure and qualify leads and create your new sales-funnel
  • Presentations
    we get in touch with leads and contacts and introduce them to your products/solutions
  • Relevance/Potential
    we determine whether there is a short-, medium- or long-term business opportunity
  • Customer Support/Following prospective customers
    we follow prospective customers and advise them, including presentations, meetings, and offers
  • Negotiations
    Upon request, we lead the commercial negotiations up to the conclusion of the contract
  • Customer Support
    we support the customer throughout the realization phase and beyond
  • Success Maximization
    we develop cross- and upselling options for maximum commercial success
  • Around-the-clock transparency
    we create around-the-clock transparency of the sales funnel, the current state, and the probability of closure
  • Progress Updates
    we will regularly talk you through the sales strategy, progress updates, and the feedback of potential customers
  • Regular Meetings
    we will discuss the current state as well as how to optimize the process in regular call/web-meetings

What do you get?

  • Our Experience
    a team of specialists with years of experience in the field of telecommunication and IT as well as strategic support of our management team
  • Dedicated Contacts
    Dedicated sales team with years of extensive experience
  • Our Network
    Easy access to a network of contacts for exposure to potential new customers and knowhow from various international projects
  • Customer Acquisition
    a hands-on sales approach powered by modern methods for acquiring new customers and the seamless management of the sales processes
  • Measurable Satisfaction
    Quantifiable results for your short- and medium-term sales goals and long-term customer satisfaction
  • Flexible Support
    flexible scaling of your sales team and improved capabilities for special campaigns at short notices
  • Communication & Transparency
    Close coordination and full transparency regarding activities and results
  • Process Improvement
    Significant increase in commercial success and operational efficiency

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