Business Development & Sales

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

What We Do?

Business Development

GUTJAHR will analyze and create a new strategy for growing and futher developing your business. We have the know-how and the experience to support your business and engage the relevant potential partners and clients.

  • Business Development Strategies
  • Company Positioning
  • Business Plans
  • Market Analysis
  • Developing Cooperation Models


From creating a sales strategy to fine tuning your sales funnel for successful campaigns, the B2B experts in the GUTJAHR team will support the growth and expansion of your business. No matter if you are a start-up or a industry giant, we have the right expertise to support your needs.

  • Sales Campaigns
  • Sales Management
  • Leads & Target Customers
  • Sales Tools
  • Negotation

Lead Generation

You have a great product in place, but you are struggling to get new leads? Let the lead generation experts in the GUTJAHR’s team, streamline the lead generation and qualification process, opening your doors to new business opportunities.

  • Direct Marketing
  • Media Planning
  • Social Media
  • PR/Communication
  • B2B Marketing

How We Work?

Analyse, Conceptualise and Inspire…

Behind every successful project that we have executed is a foundation of planning and analysis. No matter what your Business Development & Marketing needs might be, we will dive deep into your current processes, products and competitors to better undertsand the market and your place in it.

After gathering all details and results, we can start developing your tailored marketing campaigns, sales processes or lead generation strategy. We don’t believe in the one-fits-all approach when it comes to your brand.

Plan, Execute and Deliver…

With great attention to detail, passion and experience, we develop sustainable marketing and communication strategies, business development and sales plans consistent with your long term goals.

Your success is our goal, so at all stages of our project you will have 100% transparency of the milestones, schedule and next steps planned for execution.



Challenge Us

No matter how big and complicated your brand and products are, GUTJAHR is here for the challange. We know how to translate your products into strong and growing business.


Trust Us

Utilising our extensive B2B industry experience you can focus on your business and let our team reshape and improve your Business Development and Marketing Results.


Be Efficient

Setting a strategy in place, as well as structured long term plan, you can more efficiently plan the next steps for your business.


One more Thing

Optimise your budget, goals and your resources with outsourcing your Business Development and Marketing to the B2B experts of GUTJAHR.



We believe in building turst and longterm partnerships with our partners and clients. This is the key to all of our success stories.

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