Corporate Design OpenNumbers

Working with an existing branding thus creating a whole new design language was the aim of this project. Our design Team created a modern and friendly look that helps our customer stand out in a highly technical environment.


The Client

OpenNumbers GmbH is a specialist for telephony that supports broadband providers in providing modern, future-proof telephony services with over 20 years of business experience. Their services offering ranges from outbound scheduling to the complete service provision of a virtual PBX including feeding, number management, scheduling, emergency call, TR-AAV and telephone book entry.

The Brief

OpenNumbers’ product offerings and life cycle were in the right stage and there were high demand for such offerings in their industry. However with the absence of a marketing department in their organization, they had to overcome certain challenges in order to stand out from their competition, in order to gain higher market share. As a result, they reached out to Gutjahr to offer them new perspectives and solutions, focusing on Sales, Marketing and Branding aspects, so as to further scale their business to the next level through to the next level.

The Approach

Our detailed Q&A and Workshop sessions with clients allow us to gather both qualitative and quantitative research. This enabled us to brainstorm better and identify the right strategies that needed to take place and to aligned the client’s expectations and better value-add to them. With a more technical and heavy content based product & service offerings – we decided to focus on bringing out their company’s strengths and focused on the main highlights of their available offerings. Introducing to them strategies that included (but not limited to) product redefinition, repositioning, management of their CRM, creation of new marketing collaterals etc.

The Result

Through the use of the right complementary strategies that focuses on business development, sales and marketing – The right strategies allowed their customers and stakeholders to have a better and more enjoyable visual experience and a clearer focus on their company’s short-term and long-term business growth goals. Till date, OpenNumbers market share has increased, establishing a stronger brand value.